Floridians Much Less Approving of DeSantis Since COVID-19 Problems Began

Nearly one-third strongly disapprove of his job performance
Reviews mixed on handling of school openings; restaurant and bar re-openings

ST. LEO, FL – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has previously enjoyed job-approval ratings of greater than 60 percent in the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (polls.saintleo.edu) surveys, slid 16 percentage points in the esteem of Floridians between February and […]

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New Saint Leo University Poll Shows Support for Athletes Kneeling During National Anthem Increases from 2016

ST. LEO, FL – In the four years since Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem at an NFL game, more athletes have joined in protests before sporting events. Following the deaths this year of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor by police officers and subsequent Black Lives Matter protests in cities across the United States, kneeling by athletes has increased, […]

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As Election Nears, Florida Voters Seem to Favor Hike in State Minimum Wage, According to Saint Leo University Polling Institute Research

Saint Leo University survey research also tested the waters on three other ballot amendments that pose various questions about voting

ST. LEO, FL – The latest statewide survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (polls.saintleo.edu) shows substantial support for increasing the minimum hourly wage to $15 by the year 2026.

Another ballot question drew broad support too—one that would slightly change […]

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Recent Saint Leo University Polling Results for Florida Give Biden an Edge over Trump

ST. LEO, FL – The Saint Leo University Polling Institute (polls.saintleo.edu) found in its most recent Florida survey that Democrat Joe Biden was leading President Donald J. Trump in the presidential race. The results showed 49.2 percent of those surveyed favored Biden, compared to the 43.4 percent who supported Trump for re-election.

The survey polled 500 Floridians online between Sept. 27 […]

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New Saint Leo U Survey Results Show Biden Ahead of Trump by Nearly 14 Percentage Points Nationally Before Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

As VP candidates Pence and Harris head into debate tonight, national results say the race would be neck and neck if they were the presidential choices

Trump-Pence team polls somewhat better in Florida than nationally

ST. LEO, FL – A new national survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (polls.saintleo.edu) revealed Democrat Joe Biden is leading President Donald J. Trump, […]

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Worries About Climate Change Continue in America as Nation Approaches a Presidential Election, Saint Leo University Poll Shows

In Florida, Nearly 7 in 10 Respondents Consider a Local Climate Change Effort Important

ST. LEO, FL – Climate change continues to be a concern nationally for Americans, with a combined 73.3 percent indicating to the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (http://polls.saintleo.edu) that they are very concerned (40.8 percent) or somewhat concerned (32.5) percent about the issue. In Florida, the home […]

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