Polling Topic Back in the News: A Political Scientist’s Commentary on the Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Frank Orlando
Instructor of political science
Faculty expert on American politics

Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment, Laudato Si, is winning plaudits for adhering to mainstream scientific belief on climate change and calling attention to its disproportionate effect on the poor. What effect will this have on the American political landscape? Pope Francis has maintained a […]

Polling Topic Back in the News: Science Faculty Expert Commentary on the Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Leo Ondrovic, PhD
Associate professor of biology and physics
Faculty expert on global climate change
I am personally very pleased to see that Pope Francis has taken the lead in calling everyone to act to combat threats to our natural environment in the encyclical. In it, Pope Francis focuses on “global environmental deterioration,” widely ranging from […]

New Poll from Saint Leo University Shows Nearly Half of Consumers Have Never Eaten at a Food Truck

Yet these rolling restaurants are on track to be nearly $3 billion industry by 2017
Some call it a trend. Many call it a fad. Others call it a business. Food trucks have become a hot item, especially in metropolitan areas. The National Restaurant Association, estimates that food trucks generate $650 million in annual revenue. By […]

Bush Maintaining Narrow Lead in National Poll

Clinton Still Dominates Democratic Challengers;
Leads all Republican Opponents, but Dips Under 50 Percent
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush continues to hold a narrow lead over the large Republican field of presidential candidates, but U.S. Senators Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio all gained support in the past three months, according to a new national survey […]

Polls Suggest Floridians Want Direct Market Access to Solar Power from Neighboring Consumers and Businesses

Proposal circulating would leave big utilities out of such transactions
As consumer groups, political organizations ranging across the spectrum of philosophies from liberal to conservative, utilities, and others consider whether the energy marketplace system in Florida should be changed to allow consumers and businesses to sell excess solar-generated power directly to buyers, the most recent Saint […]

Freedom of Expression Reigns Supreme, Except in Cases of Threats

New poll shows how Americans think about topics before the U.S. Supreme Court
Currently facing the Supreme Court is a rash of issues that deal with freedom of expression. For example, if someone makes threatening remarks via social media, does that constitute the same thing as making threatening remarks face to face? Can states ban license […]