Saint Leo University Survey Suggests Americans Appreciate the Response of Pope Francis to Pandemic

ST. LEO, FL – More Americans reported holding favorable views of Pope Francis in an autumn survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( than earlier this year; the results are roughly the same as November 2019.

As part of a Catholic Benedictine university, the polling institute at Saint Leo University in Florida regularly covers Americans’ attitudes concerning Pope […]

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New Saint Leo University Survey Confirms Faith Plays Significant Role for Some Voters; Still, Other Voters Make Political Decisions Balancing Different Factors

Catholic voters split on issues just as does the general public, rather than acting as a unified bloc

ST. LEO, FL – For about four in 10 Americans, personal religious beliefs factor into their voting decisions, according to the most recent survey from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( A similar proportion expect that their fellow citizens will also […]

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Saint Leo University Poll Shows Most Think Nation Remains Divided

Recent Survey Examines Social and Political Beliefs, and Race Issues Among Americans

ST. LEO, FL – As the nation inches closer to Election Day, a new Saint Leo University Polling Institute survey examined several social issues affecting the country. As in 2019, the 2020 Saint Leo poll shows an overwhelming majority of respondents (83.8 percent) say the country is more divided […]

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Saint Leo U Survey Points to Notable Interest in Voting by Mail; Confidence in Essential Elements of the Voting System

Results also indicate that a high percentage respondents credit concerns that voter suppression could take place; some respondents indicate worry voter fraud or manipulation is likely to occur

ST. LEO, FL – As the month began, most of the electorate in America and in the politically important state of Florida held confidence in the integrity and security of the country’s […]

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Saint Leo Poll Finds Americans Concerned About COVID, Social Media Skeptics Aside

Majorities say they are likely to stay away from holiday gatherings; apt to respect Fauci; and indicate they will trust U.S. scientists’ approval of a vaccine when created and take the drug, but some inequities look problematic

ST. LEO, FL – After coping with the ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic for six months, more than three-quarters of Americans surveyed by the […]

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Saint Leo University Poll Examines Trust in Police Officers, Departments

Faith in Law Enforcement Increases, But Racial Differences Persist in Views
Use of Body Cameras Strongly Approved

ST. LEO, FL – While anger over the deaths of citizens during police encounters spawned protests over the summer in several U.S. cities, and while individual officers have been charged in some instances, a new Saint Leo University poll shows a higher […]

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