Saint Leo University Survey Reveals Florida Public Sentiment on Traffic Laws, Additional Voter Rights Expansion, Marijuana Regulation

Broad Agreement Emerges on Addressing Careless Driving

ST. LEO, FL – A recent Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( survey that explores policy changes Floridians will have to consider—or adapt to—in 2020 finds widespread support for stronger traffic safety laws. On the other hand, opinions are split in statewide conversations about making it easier for ex-felons to regain voting rights, among […]

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More Than 7 in 10 Americans Say They Are Happy to Hang Out With Friends Who Disagree with Them Politically

Majority of Respondents Identify with this Phrase: “We need to chill”

ST. LEO, FL – When it comes to mingling with friends who hold differing political views, most Americans surveyed recently by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( said they would have no problem enjoying a public event in the company of such a friend.

The survey was conducted nationally among […]

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Some Democratic Ideas Are Getting Positive Attention Beyond the Party’s Lines, Especially When it Comes to Healthcare

Climate Protection and Assault Weapons Ban Proposals Are Also Getting Some Attention

ST. LEO, FL  – New data from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( reveals which of the policy ideas suggested by various Democratic presidential candidates are the most attractive notions to a broad base of Americans of various political parties, represented by a national survey base of 1,000 […]

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New Saint Leo University Poll Indicates Biden Still the Favorite Presidential Candidate among Democrats

The Former VP Is the One Most Often Named as Having a Chance to Defeat President Trump

ST. LEO, FL – New results from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( show that Democrats surveyed nationally still favor former Vice President Joe Biden more than the multiple other candidates for the party presidential nomination to oppose President Donald J. Trump in […]

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New Saint Leo University Survey Finds Opinion of President Trump Changes Little in Spite of Impeachment Proceedings

Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis Enjoys an Uptick in Popularity

ST. LEO, FL – Though the impeachment inquiry facing President Donald J. Trump is all over the headlines, the most recent survey from the nonpartisan Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( shows that President Trump’s job-approval rating is fairly steady, with 43.4 percent of Americans surveyed in mid-November giving him good […]

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New Saint Leo University Finds Majority of Public Understands What Human Trafficking Crimes Involve, Favor Education in Public Schools for Children

The national survey and Florida statewide survey find support for felony charges for buyers

LEO, FL – A new survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( found that more than seven in 10 of those polled nationwide, and an even higher proportion of those polled separately in Florida, say that public schools should be educating children and youth […]

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