Majority of Respondents Identify with this Phrase: “We need to chill”


ST. LEO, FL – When it comes to mingling with friends who hold differing political views, most Americans surveyed recently by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( said they would have no problem enjoying a public event in the company of such a friend.

The survey was conducted nationally among 1,000 respondents from November 13 through November 18, and the institute did find a wide variety of views in responses to political questions. But there was also wide agreement that adults can and should relax at times and set differences aside.

The polling institute was inspired to ask Americans how they felt after liberal celebrity Ellen DeGeneres explained on her television show why she had attended a baseball game with former Republican President George W. Bush. She was responding to criticism received on social media that followed published images of DeGeneres and Bush at the game.

The polling institute question inquired how people choose to socialize in their own lives, with respondents answering by selecting from a few possible statements. The same question was also asked in a distinct sample of 500 Florida respondents. The results follow.

Recently celebrity Ellen DeGeneres and former President George W. Bush attended a baseball game together and were photographed laughing and enjoying each other’s company. They received criticism for spending time with political opponents. In a similar situation with someone you know who has opposite political views, which of the following best reflects what you would do?


Possible responses U.S. % Florida %
I would not go out in public with someone who holds opposite political views. 5.2 6.8
I would see someone who holds opposite political views but not publicly. 8.5 8.6
It would never happen; I don’t have friends who hold opposite political views. 3.9 6.4
We need to chill – of course I would enjoy a game, attraction or event with a friend who holds opposite political views. 73.8 66.8
Unsure/Don’t know 8.6 11.4


The margin of error for the responses from the survey are plus or minus 3 percentage points for the national sample and plus or minus 4.5 percent points for the answers from the Florida survey sample.

About the Poll

METHODOLOGY: This national survey was conducted from November 13 through November 18, 2019, among a base of 1,000 respondents nationally, using an online instrument. The national sample has an associated margin of error of +/- 3.0 percent at a 95 percent confidence for questions asked of all 1,000 respondents.

The Saint Leo University Polling Institute conducts its surveys using cutting-edge online methodology, which is rapidly transforming the field of survey research. The sample is drawn from large online panels, which allow for random selections that reflect accurate cross sections of all demographic groups. Online methodology has the additional advantage of allowing participants to respond to the survey at a time, place, and speed that is convenient to them, which may result in more thoughtful answers. The Saint Leo University Polling Institute develops the questionnaires, administers the surveys, and conducts analysis of the results. Panel participants typically receive a token incentive—usually $1 deposited into an iTunes or Amazon account—for their participation.

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