New Polls Shows Americans View Christmas as Cultural Vs. Religious

ST. LEO, FL – Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus as the son of God, but most Americans say they view the holiday as cultural rather than religious, a new survey released by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( shows.

The poll, conducted online November 19-24, 2017, asked 1,000 adults nationwide: “How do you view Christmas today?” Of the poll […]

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Post-Hurricane Season, Saint Leo University Poll Finds Conditions Look Favorable for Rick Scott Race for U.S. Senate

ST. LEO, FL – A new survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute shows six out of 10 Florida residents hold a favorable opinion of current and term-limited Gov. Rick Scott’s job performance. The survey also shows Scott seems to be gaining in popularity in the widely anticipated U.S. Senate contest coming in November 2018 between Republican Scott and […]

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Saint Leo University Poll Shows Americans’ Personal Cybersecurity Confidence is Shaky

ST. LEO, FL – As Americans conduct more personal and business activities online, we also report feeling more wary about the things that can go wrong and more cognizant of the cyber threats that exist, a new survey from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute shows.

For instance, those who say that their data is either very secure or somewhat […]

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Faculty Blog Post: Christmas Season Joys and Anxieties

The first Christmas wasn’t necessarily the happiest day ever. Days on a donkey, pregnant with nowhere to sleep, bright lights in the sky, both smelly bad and smelly nice strangers showing up to look at your baby….not screaming Rockwell. Maybe it was the mix….the bad and good…the normal and sublime that make that day, for at least one reason, one […]

Saint Leo University Polling Institute Finds Steady Pro-Police Sentiment Over Three Years, But Distrust from Some of the Public

Florida Results Presented in Context with Answers from 1,000 Adults Nationally
Support for Black Lives Matter Grew Markedly from 2016 to 2017
Overall Public Confidence in Criminal Courts and Juries Appears Muted

ST. LEO, FL – Surveys by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( show a pattern with somewhat more than 50 percent of the population espousing high levels of trust in […]

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Saint Leo University Polling Institute: How Florida and the U.S. Compare on Guns and Mass Shootings, Three Years of Findings

Each year in its fall poll, the Saint Leo University Polling Institute, has asked 1,000 or more adult respondents nationally about their attitudes on guns, gun control legislation, and possible policy responses to mass shootings. The margin of error on these surveys is plus or minus 3 percentage points. The most recent survey was fielded from September 10 to September […]

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