New Saint Leo U Survey Results Show Biden Ahead of Trump by Nearly 14 Percentage Points Nationally Before Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

As VP candidates Pence and Harris head into debate tonight, national results say the race would be neck and neck if they were the presidential choices

Trump-Pence team polls somewhat better in Florida than nationally

ST. LEO, FL – A new national survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( revealed Democrat Joe Biden is leading President Donald J. Trump, […]

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Worries About Climate Change Continue in America as Nation Approaches a Presidential Election, Saint Leo University Poll Shows

In Florida, Nearly 7 in 10 Respondents Consider a Local Climate Change Effort Important

ST. LEO, FL – Climate change continues to be a concern nationally for Americans, with a combined 73.3 percent indicating to the Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( that they are very concerned (40.8 percent) or somewhat concerned (32.5) percent about the issue. In Florida, the home […]

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Saint Leo University Poll Shows Favorable Opinion of Pope Francis Dips

 Nationally, Catholics Have Higher Opinion of Catholic Church Than Last Year

ST. LEO, FL – While a new Saint Leo University poll shows Americans’ favorable opinion of the Catholic Church remains almost the same as in November, the public’s opinion of the Church’s leader Pope Francis dipped.

As part of a Catholic university, founded on Benedictine traditions, the Saint Leo University Polling […]

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Florida Voters Largely Happy with DeSantis so Far, and Favor a Gradual Move to $15 Minimum Wage in Latest Saint Leo University Poll

A Majority Endorsed a Rewording in the State Constitution on Voting Rights and Citizen Status, and a Push for Dedicated High School Civics Instruction Met with General Acceptance

ST. LEO, FL – The most recent Saint Leo University Polling Institute ( survey of Florida voters reveals that Republican governor Ron DeSantis was rated positively by almost two-thirds of participants in a […]

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New Saint Leo University Poll Looks at Intersection of Politics, Religion

   Americans Divided on Whether Leaders Should Be Guided by Own Religious Beliefs

ST. LEO, FL – It’s been said that people in polite company don’t discuss politics and religion, but the recent Saint Leo University Polling Institute did just that.

The most recent poll ( was conducted online from February 17 through February 22, among 1,000 total respondents nationally. As part […]

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New Saint Leo University Survey Suggests People’s Feelings about the Trump Impeachment – Pro and Con – Will Linger through Election Season

Survey also quantifies the split on whether Trump should have been impeached, acquitted
Party-line loyalties apparent in job-approval ratings for Trump and Democratic House leaders in impeachment proceedings

ST. LEO, FL – According to the most recent survey of American voters by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (, a sizable population intends to remember the impeachment inquiry and […]

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