In the Florida governor’s race, former Gov. Charlie Crist holds a 46-34 percent lead over incumbent Gov. Rick Scott. Scott’s numbers are weighed down in part by some cracks in his own base. While 63 percent of Republicans have a favorable view of Scott, just 59 percent of Republicans say they would re-elect him. A significant percentage of Republicans hold an unfavorable view of Scott (24 percent) and 17 percent say they plan to vote for Republican-turned-Democrat Crist.

“Crist has strong support among Democrats,” Mr. Orlando noted. “This is remarkable because Democrats in Florida are giving him a chance, despite his past association with the Republican Party. It will be interesting if this party-switching honeymoon effect will last over the course of the gubernatorial primary.”

The Florida voter survey of 400 adults was conducted December 1-8 and has a margin of error of 5 percent.

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