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Dr. Leo Ondrovic is an associate professor of biology and physics at Saint Leo University. He received a BS in general engineering, a MS in Engineering Science and a PhD in Engineering Science from the University of South Florida. He recently developed the course titled Evaluating the Predictions of Global Warming to teach non-science majors how to employ the scientific method to assess scientific theory. His research interests are currently in science communication, in particular in the area of global climate change.

Saint Leo Poll Finds As the Public Learns More About Drones, Opinions Split on the Best Civilian Uses

Not everyone wants consumer deliveries from above permitted in their communities

SAINT LEO, FL – Just about everybody understands what a drone is, but a new survey from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute (http://polls.saintleo.edu) shows the public is divided in its thinking about whether civilian drones would make great package-delivery vehicles or are nuisances that should be banned.

The latest poll […]

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Polling Topic Back in the News: Science Faculty Expert Commentary on the Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Leo Ondrovic, PhD
Associate professor of biology and physics
Faculty expert on global climate change
I am personally very pleased to see that Pope Francis has taken the lead in calling everyone to act to combat threats to our natural environment in the encyclical. In it, Pope Francis focuses on “global environmental deterioration,” widely ranging from global warming, pollution, loss of […]

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