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Drew Gold, associate professor of management, has been appointed the polling institute’s executive director. Dr. Gold earned his undergraduate degree in finance from The Ohio State University and a Ph.D. in strategy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Before joining Saint Leo’s Donald R. Tapia School of Business, he recently served on the faculty at the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business in its management science department for four years. Dr. Gold has worked with companies of various sizes for the last 20 years, advising them on a variety of strategic, technology, and management-related issues.

American Dream Vacation: Sun, Sand, Waves, and Wi-Fi

Americans Having Trouble Unplugging – Even When They Say They Want To
Wanted: Vacation getaway within walking distance of the beach. Must have Wi-Fi because we’re not sure we really want to get away on our vacation.

Based on a new survey from the Saint Leo University Polling Institute, that seems to be what Americans are asking for when they leave the […]

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Isolationist? Interventionist? Both, Say Americans

Middle East Spikes as Major Worry; Little Consensus About How to Act
The American people are vexed and uncertain about what role, if any, the United States should play in the renewed conflicts in the Middle East, according to a new national survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute.

Homeland security and anti-terror policy has spiked as a concern of the […]

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Curbelo Leads Garcia, 46-42, in South Florida

Congressional Race is a Dead Heat
Republican Carlos Curbelo holds a slight lead over Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Joe Garcia of Florida, 46-42, in the South Florida congressional district 26, according to a new survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute. The result falls within the poll’s margin of error and the race should be considered a dead heat. […]

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America Catholics Reveal Their Views on Marriage and Other Important Social Issues in Wide-Ranging Survey

Pope Francis’s Favorability Remains High Among Catholics
As Catholic bishops from around the world convene in Rome for a special synod (conference) on family and marriage, American Catholics favor inclusivity in a number of situations, as responses to a new national survey by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute show.

Catholics expressed strong support for allowing divorced or remarried Catholics to receive […]

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Hillary Clinton Continues to Maintain Lead in 2016 Field

Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio top choices of Republicans
A year before the 2016 presidential nomination contests formally begin, Hillary Clinton continues to hold substantial leads over all prospective challengers, both for the Democratic presidential nomination and in prospective general election matchups. This is according to a new national survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute.

A full 70 percent […]

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America’s Global Prestige Worse Under Obama, Majority of Americans Say

Voters Split on Benghazi, Divide Along Partisan Lines
Most Americans believe America’s standing, prestige, and image in the world has declined since Barack Obama became president, according to a new national survey conducted by the Saint Leo University Polling Institute.

A majority of 55 percent think America’s international image is “a lot” (34 percent) or “somewhat” (21 percent) worse under the Obama […]

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